Product Spotlight: Vintage Ashtray

vintage ashtray
Top: Cobalt Blue, Ivory, Red. Middle: Light Green, Yellow. Bottom: Turquoise

When you find a vintage ashtray, there are two versions. One has no Fiesta mark on the bottom, instead, there are seven circles.

vintage ivory ashtray

Later in production, the inner rings were discarded for the well-known ‘Genuine Fiesta HLCO’ stamp.

rose ashtray

You can often find marks on the bottom of ashtrays, and the ashtrays have the distinction of being the only product in the Fiesta line that have broken circles, in this case, broken by the wells to hold cigarettes.

medium green ashtray
Medium Green

Medium green is, of course, the rarest.

Approximate dimensions: W 6¼” x H 1¼”
Production time: 1936-1969

Sources:, HappyHeidi, Vintage American Pottery

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