Product Checklist: Covered Onion Soup Bowl

radioactive red onion

Vintage Covered Onion Soup Bowl Collecting List

▢ Radioactive Red
▢ Original Cobalt Blue
▢ Light Green
▢ Original Yellow
▢ Original Ivory
▢ Original Turquoise
▢ Ivory with Red Stripes

Post86 Covered Onion Soup Bowl Collecting List


Product Spotlight: Covered Onion Bowl

covered onion soup bowl
Light Green, Original Ivory, Cobalt Blue, Radioactive Red, Original Yellow

The covered onion soup bowl is one of the rarer vintage Fiesta products, as it was only fired from 1936 to 1937. It’s particularly difficult to find in turquoise, as it was discontinued shortly after turquoise was introduced, making the turquoise onion soup bowl a much sought after product. This means you can only find this soup bowl in the original six colors!

Each handle and top knob were attached by hand creating a very long production process. The first versions had a flat bottom on the inside, and in early 1937 was exchanged for a rounded bottom.

Turquoise onion
The very rare and coveted turquoise, priced from $5000-8000USD

However, if you are very, very lucky there is one other color, and that is an ivory and red striped version. The stripes would have been hand painted. There is no known value for this piece due to it’s incredible rarity.

1936 ivory with red stripes

Approximate dimensions: L:6⅛” x W:4½” x H:4⅜”

Sources: HappyHeidi, VintageAmericanPottery