Product Checklist: Cream Soup Bowl

rose cream soup bowl

Vintage Cream Soup Bowl Collecting List

▢ Original Radioactive Red
▢ Vintage Cobalt Blue
▢ Light Green
▢ Vintage Yellow
▢ Vintage Ivory
▢ Vintage Turquoise
▢ Forest Green
▢ Vintage Rose
▢ Vintage Chartreuse
▢ Gray
▢ Medium Green

Post86 Cream Soup Bowl Collecting List


Product Spotlight: Cream Soup Bowl

cream soup bowls
Top: Forest Green, Original Rose, Gray, Original Chartreuse. Second Row: Original Yellow, Medium Green, Original Turquoise. Third Row: Original Ivory, Original Cobalt. Bottom: Radioactive Red.

The cream soup bowl was used quite a lot in advertising by HLC and thus is very iconic.  It was produced from 1936-1959. The lug handles are considered classic Fiesta, but you can’t find it on any other product. Because this was discontinued shortly after medium green was released, the medium green is the rarest of the cream soup bowls.

Approximate dimensions (LxWxH): 6⅝”x5⅛”x2¼”
Production: 1936-1959

Sources: HappyHeidi