Product Checklist: Dessert Bowl 6″

dessert medium green

Vintage 6″ Dessert Bowl Collecting List

▢ Original Radioactive Red
▢ Vintage Cobalt Blue
▢ Light Green
▢ Vintage Yellow
▢ Vintage Ivory
▢ Vintage Turquoise
▢ Forest Green
▢ Vintage Rose
▢ Vintage Chartreuse
▢ Gray
▢ Medium Green

Post86 Dessert 6″ Bowl Collecting List


Product Spotlight: Dessert Bowl 6″

dessert bowl

This six inch bowl was original considered to be a fruit bowl by it’s designer, Frederick Rhead, and some people might call it that, but it’s official designation is a dessert bowl.

yellow dessert bowl

This dessert bowl, retired in late 1960, was the last item to be discontinued from the Fiesta line before Fiesta became Fiesta Ironstone in 1969. Medium green is, of course, the hardest to find, particularly because it was retired one year after medium green was introduced.


Approximate Dimensions (WxH): 6¼”x1¼”
Production: 1936-1960