Product Checklist: Footed Salad Bowl 11″

vintage ivory footed salad bowl

Vintage 11″ Footed Salad Bowl Collecting List

▢ Original Radioactive Red
▢ Vintage Cobalt Blue
▢ Light Green
▢ Vintage Yellow
▢ Vintage Ivory
▢ Vintage Turquoise

Post86 11″ Footed Salad Bowl Collecting List


Product Spotlight: Footed Salad Bowl 11″

vintage turquoise footed salad bowl
Vintage Turquoise

This huge salad bowl is one of the largest vintage pieces in the Fiesta line. Originally, the foot was molded separately and connected by hand, but the laborious process was was quickly changed and a mold for the entire bowl was created.

Radioactive Red Footed Salad Bowl
Radioactive Red

This mold was also used for the Tom & Jerry bowl, which is why you see a bowl with the Tom & Jerry decal with the familiar Fiesta mold. Tom & Jerry, while also a name for a mug in the Fiesta line, is a traditional Christmas drink that is similar to eggnog.

Tom and Jerry Bowl
Tom & Jerry Bowl with mugs

The footed salad bowl is a slightly more difficult piece to find, since it was produced in lower numbers than other items, and it’s only found in the original six colors. Red and yellow are the hardest to find.

Approximate Dimensions (WxH): 11⅜”x5½”
Production: 1936-1946